about k weber

i graduated from miami university with a bachelor of arts degree (creative writing) in 1999.  i have self-published 4 books of poetry since 2003. my books are available in PDF book layout and as audiobooks. i do this all myself. these online offerings are FREE! all are accessible on this site.

i create all the sounds you hear in 3 of my audiobooks. i have built my own little library of sounds i have recorded in nature, the city, the country, machinery and more over the years. layering these sounds with me singing or talking or playing synthesizers or windchimes or glockenspiel or guitar or other found sounds yields a ton of possibility for background and ambient soundscapes


Theta Wave

  • my first audio poem featuring my voice, me playing synthesizers, and layering found sounds i recorded this past year will be featured in their second issue.
  • “Sine wave” was also included in a 2019 episode of XX Files at CKUT-FM. my sound art/audio poem behins around 22:15 with my bio.

Memoir Mixtapes

The Ooops! Project

two of my photos were a part of this group exhibition of accidental iPhone photos. the first location for the exhibition was: The Drill Hall Library, Universities at Medway, North Road, Chatham Maritime, Kent. ME4 4AG.

the exhibition opened on march 11, 2019 and ran until march 29, 2019.

The Wombwell Rainbow

i had an interview about my poetry and writing featured on the site on january 30, 2019.


(forthcoming) Moonchild Magazine

my written piece “late nights on earth” accompanied by a 13-song playlist will be included in the upcoming issue. more details to come.

(forthcoming) Pink Plastic House, a tiny journal

i will have a poem featured in the library of kristin garth’s decadent poetic house of themed rooms on may 16, 2019. more information in the new year.

Barren Magazine

happy to announce that 10 of my photos have been included in issue 5! previously 6 of my photos were included in issue 4! some pics were also paired with featured writing.

Horny Poetry Review

my poem “postural pastoral” appears in the january 2019 release of this evocative, nuanced, and infinitely curious journal.

Writer’s Digest

a poem of mine was selected as the winner of the writer’s digest descort poetic form challenge. you might want to read more about the descort style before reading “Frost opposite” which was my winning piece. this poem appears in the January 2019 issue of the magazine!

Mock Turtle Zine

“…and I guess I just don’t know” was included in Issue 16, Fall 2017 both online and in the circulated print issue

Words Dance

  • my poem “Unevensong” was featured with audio of me reading on their website in June 2016
  • my poems “Since I Am Taking a Break from Facebook” and “Fair Enough” appear in their print book, Poem Your Heart Out, from 2014
  • a few of my very short writings are a part of another series they compiled in physical book editions: Literary Sexts, Vol. 1 and Literary Sexts, Vol. 2. These are “Collection[s] of Short and Sexy Love Poems” that are brief and evocative without being explicit.

Black Heart Magazine

my poem titled “Seasonal Affective Disorder” was showcased on their website in May 2016.

Lavender Wolves Literary Journal

“See to shining see” and “Sequestra” were published in Issue 7 of this online magazine


…additional poems have been published online and in print in the following: Word Salad, Failed Seeker, Understory, Inklings, and more.


i wrote an article for a software testing magazine to discuss my ideation and creation of a brown bag discussion and shared experience series. this was related to and during my time working for a large company doing software testing. “It’s in the Bag” (synopsis only) was published in STQE Magazine in late 2002. my name was Kristi Wheeler at this time.


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